Thanks Andy, you are a STAR!!

Often people ask who do you have in your phone book who is a celebrity.

Personally I don't care for celebrities!! The person I am so relieved to have in my phone book is Andy of Sunset Computer Solutions!

With my heart pumping so loud I could hear it in my head, and my hands shaking I phoned Andy after my external hard drive could be seen dying in front of me!

With the thought of losing all my files, Andy was both calm and professional and came with Computer Solutions that were easy and cost effective!!

Thank you Andy, you are and IT Geek, I am so proud to know!!

Tracey Loubser

Confident Cashflows


Andy is the original BP, he is a quiet achiever, always reliable, always progressional, and humble. His knowledge of IT systems from the smallest Laptop to the

largest server is second to none but without the expensive price tag. I would recommend Andy to anyone looking for an honest reliable IT provider.

Les Hayward, Niche Wealth Management